Dreams for life is an organization which is Registered under west Bengal society Act with the Registration Number - S/2L/17130 and is helping the needed since 2012, we have arranged a number of events with many unfortunate's in Old age homes, Orphanages ,other organizations and even with street children . Our organization is mainly a youth organization where maximum members are school and college students under the supervision of some senior members who are also youth from the heart. The source of our funding/donation is from our members only , each member contribute during every event and collects Donations from their friend/colleague, we have no sponsors or foreign donations. The objects for which Dreams for life is established are - To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage educational institutes, libraries for the benefit of public. To arrange and organize lectures , debates , discussion , seminars & excursion for the benefit of public. To publish or cause to be published useful literatures , magazines ,etc. without profit motive. To promote and encourage advancement of literacy ,culture, political , religious & scientific education. To help the needy student of all communities for the prosecution of studies (mainly the child labour group ).