Fourth Foundation Day – Dreams For Life Society

We at Dreams For Life society completed our four years of journey. We have organized varieties of event starting from old age home, orphanages and even with street children. This year we decided to celebrate the day with the children fighting with cancer, so we arranged our fourth foundation day at Thakur Pukur Cancer Hospital (child care unit) at around 11:00 am.

For arranging this event we discussed about the requirements and necessities of the children's with the official's at Thakur Pukur Cancer Hospital. According to them they don't have any kind of restrictions over food but they stated that if we can provide them with fruits it will be good for their health. We agreed with their point of view and started arranging all required items for the event. All our enthusiastic members shared the responsibility among them and arranged all the required item's in time. And all of us were waiting for the upcoming event.

On the day it was a thought job for the members to carry all the goods, as the amount was not less. All the member's gathered at the ground floor of the child care department at Thakur pukur Cancer Hospital. And entered one by one, one of our team got involved in decorating the ward with balloon and other decorative materials, while other team was busy arranging the fruits in basket. Altogether we arranged fruits and indoor games for 55 children each basket of fruits consisted of apple , pomegranates, mosambi & sapota.

We arranged the event in two parts, in two ward where children were kept. We brought cake specially baked for those children to celebrate our foundation day with us . At each ward only 5 members were allowed so we rotated one member to distribute the fruit and four member was there to keep things in order. All members distributed the fruits and indoor games one by one. The staff and the official's helped us in all possible ways, we further hope to arrange some awareness capm about cancer.

All what we get in return is there smile, which we collect from each and every event. We were not able to cure their disease but we gave them a different surrounding which they enjoyed.