Chotoder Sharodiya 2016

his 6th of october(Maha Panchami) on the eve of our auspicious Bengali Festival Durga Puja.We at Dreams for Life Society organized a program Chotoder Sharodiya Powered by Dhara Group(Dhara incense) with some unfortunate street childrens of Howrah Mandirtala where we want to share some part of happiness of Puja with them which they are deprived of.Therefore we planned to take them for pandal hopping also providing them with new dresses ,breakfast and lunch so according to our plans ,we started our journey children’s were gifted with new clothes and were also served with breakfast and delicious lunch. We reserved a CSTC bus for pandal hopping with those children’s and also an ambulance in case if some unwanted fortuity. The journey started at 8:30am from nabanna bus stand and our First destination was Md Ali park. Breakfast was served to them on the way to Md. Ali park. After reaching there the children were excited to see the durga idol and the pandal also the puja committee arranged some presents for the children and handed those over to them. Next we went to Kashi Bose lane and there also the children were served with fruti and cakes. Then we went to Mitali kankurgachi and watched the Durga idol. The children were happy and after that we served them with another round of breakfast in the bus as our program was scheduled to end at later part of the day and therefore we cant provide them with lunch prior to that schedule.Next we moved towards Bosepukur Shitalamandir. The pandal was beautifully decorated and so was the idol. Next our destination was Hindustan park and there we saw the pandal it was made out of betel nuts which was really innovative. After that we went to Tridhara shammilani and the pandal there was very graceful and the idol was very beautiful. The next pandal was Deshopriya park and it was overcrowded still with the help of the Puja committee we faced no problem in showing the Durga idol to the children. Next our destination was Khidderpore 74 palli and 25 pally There at 25 pally the theme of the Pandal was female foeticide which was a really innovative concept. 74 pally was nearby and it was a little pandal with art works which represented the tribal culture of west Bengal and it was also very beautiful. After that we again travelled to Mandirtala , the journey came to an end and there at a restaurant the lunch was served to the children and also to the members. Another very successful event organized by Dreams for Life came to an end in an enthralling way.Thanx to every one our sponsors, members,volunteers,donors,photographers,Puja committee officials, Kolkata Police,West Bengal State Govt Transport Department of West Bengal,we are really Thankful to each and everyone of you as with out your support we cant make this program so successful.We are also thankful to Radheshyam Bastralaya for sponsoring the dresses for our little friends.Once again thanx a lot to everyone who have come forward to help us in our initiative Chotoder Sharodiya 2016.