Share the warmth

Like every year this year also we were collecting old cloths since last month , our motive is to circulate those unused old cloths to the people who need them. In all our events we try to help the unprivileged , but this time our motive was not only to distribute old cloths but also to collect some funds for Ankush our beloved brother, who is suffering from cancer at at the age of 6 months.

All the members had worked hard collecting old cloths from different location , we also want to thank all the people who had given us their old cloths which we distributed today . For today’s event we had packed around 600+ packets which contains about 4-5 cloths along with cakes and Christmas cap. We distributed at different location starting from Desa priya park , Gariyahat, Ali pore zoo( we were not able to stand there for long due to huge traffic) , Khidderpure & Bhawanipur. The main attraction of our event was santa , constantly he was waving hands and distributing candy to the children’s.

Along side we were collecting donation for our brother Ankush , we were amazed with the gesture shown by the people at Gariyahat, while we were distributing cloths to the unprivileged , they came forward and showed their feeling towards Ankush. Meanwhile we also noticed some people who are well able to donate but ignored us while requesting for help, overall we completed the event with satisfaction.

Lastly we need all your prayers for healthy life of Ankush.