You are my Valentine

Valentine’s Day. Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” We Dreams For Life Society also celebrated the valentines day by sharing candy , cakes , gifts and many other things in exchange of lots of love .Previous year we celebrated this same day with some specially talented children, so we had came up with the same kind of event .

Today we organized a drawing competition with the help of Vidyud Sanga At Raja Rammohan Ray Saranai for the children who doesn’t get the privilege to participate in drawing competition. We also announced that the winners will be provided with drawing classes in their local area for this year to improve their talent. We provided them with drawing board, paper, pencil box, pencil, eraser,ruler, sharpener, pen & colors. they were given 1 hour to complete the drawing their were two groups among which 3 winners were chosen from each group. The winners were provided with school bags and certificate. All the remaining children were also provided with a certificate and consolation prize .

At the mean time we provided them cake , water bottles, chocolates and a food packet. All the children were very happy and cooperative  they waited patiently for us to announce the winner. According to us all of them were winners as all of them are the future of our society. We had kept the hand impression of the children which we will keep as a memento for us , we also received a lots of love and a memento from Vidyud Sangha Club. We will be waiting for the same day to arrange the same event in the upcoming  year.